Hi there, and welcome! If you are new here, this is the website associated with the Preserving the Blues radio show and podcast.

The radio show is a weekly Blues show on WBKM.org, a radio station based out of Burlington, VT. We gather every Tuesday night from 7-9EST to listen to the best of the old and new as well as some tracks you might never have heard. We also play our interviews throughout the show.

You will not find us on the radio because we stream online, and that means you can listen to us anywhere you are in the world as long as you have a smartphone, tablet, iPad or computer. It also means the music will not be interrupted by commercials. Sometimes, I just play two hours of blues without saying a word. You get to sit back and enjoy!

Preserving the Blues podcast series that aims to document the people and stories of the blues. Time continues to march on and as it does our direct connection to the past grows smaller and smaller.  Preserving the blues talks to the people who are helping to preserve the legacies of the men and women associated with this great music.

“I just feel that a project like this, of preserving these people while their still alive obviously, is something that for generations will really go a long way.”

– Thom Gilbert, author of Soul: Memphis’ Original Sound

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